Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pay Day

There's something so wonderful yet sinister about pay day. When you first start working and don't have responsibilities it is the best day. You get to go out and shop to you drop or bar hop, or whatever floats your boat. I try to treat myself to a pricey lunch and a bottle of wine these days (perhaps an expensive pair of underwear if a visit to/from Al is on the horizon).

That's all the fun that I can have before I start paying bills, which I now leave until Friday so I can feel a little more optimistic about pay day--though I broke the rule and paid everything early this morning before getting to work. I make a generous salary, but by the time taxes have their way with me I feel more like a pauper than a prince. I see all of these people driving fancy cars with smiles on their faces that I know make less than me. Now some of those smiles are because they don't have real responsibilities, or can make 20K a year and piss off their money while mommy and daddy pay their bills, or maybe they are living it up before the wall of debt comes crashing down on them.

Now I know after I graduate from a business school I'll be able to afford some trinkets, if I get anywhere near the average 2006 starting salary for MBAs 92K (which I'm nowhere close to if you're speculating).

So now the bills are paid, my checking account is looking bloated before I withdraw money for a Metrocard (don't ask), the landlord takes the rent money, I pay for food, etc. By tomorrow my account will have gone on a severe diet (making me wonder if there was really any money in there in the first place). Money needs to be set aside for Christmas gifts and birthdays (which is sad and gratifying at the same time). Tomorrow I'll be consumed about when I get paid next, LOL. It's a vicious cycle of getting paid and then being broke until next time, LOL.

Realize that this isn't a woe is me post. I don't want sympathy. I think I've come along way and Uncle Sam is a lot fatter than he was than when I was making $4.25/hr (and so am I).


Anonymous said...

hhahahahah I hope when you say "trinkets" you mean: house for al and me to live in. Oh, and jewelry ;)

Excalibur said...

You are so crazy