Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Tale of the Two Taras

I have two friends that I've known since 1999, both with the name Tara, with two very different personalities. They are affectionately known as T1 and T2. I met T1 first. She is quite the character and I love her for her crazy ways. She has such an interesting perspective on the world. She's quite witty and loves to have a good time (hope your husband isn't reading this, LOL). She was the first person to really extend herself to me when I was hired as an intern. In fact she made me take off my headphones and talk to her. She barraged me with a bunch of questions, as T1 can speak extremely quick when she gets excited, and got to know me very quickly (and we built a very solid friendship)--even though she left the company about a year after we started working together.

I met T2 about four months later. She took a job in the Customer Service department of my company, the two Taras were the best reps, hands down. T2 is extremely artistic. She has the best laugh. She's definitely one of those people that you love to get her take on what's going on around, because she's quite insightful and she'll tell you like it is, if you are close to her. She's moved on to become a wonderful Graphic Designer, because she rocks.

Well we all decided that we were going to the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA.
It was at its temporary location in Long Island City in Queens while the Manhattan location was being renovated. We went to see the Matisse Picasso exhibit. T2 is so knowledgeable about art. I had never been to MoMA before. The Taras would have none of that. They knew I'd always wanted to go, but was a bit hesitant because I'm not the most knowledgeable person about art. I've been to a few galleries and I have a layman's appreciation with a sprinkling of knowledge about Art from history classes.

First of all the line to get into MoMA was way down the block. The Matisse Picasso exhibit was heavily anticipated. I was so excited. Because we had T2's knowledge on both artists we didn't need a tour. She was just brilliant. I think MoMA should hire her to give tours in fact.

Well the three of us have a blast anywhere we go. Especially because the three of us tend to misbehave and have very interesting takes on people and paintings. There is the conventional viewpoint on a painting and then there's my or T1's or T2's unconventional hysterical viewpoint. Let's just say there was plenty of snickering that day. And I'm sure we got our share of looks. I know a security guards was particularly amused by our antics.

Nevertheless, we still had a great opportunity to view the Matisse Picasso paintings. T2 gave us fabulous insights into the time period, the artist, etc. Actually, it was pretty funny because she would tell us something and then you would either see people trying to listen, probably thinking she was conducting a tour, or hear a tour guide basically repeat what she had just told us.

I loved the exhibit. I loved MoMA. I haven't been back since. I always think of the Taras whenever MoMA or Matisse or Picasso are mentioned. And I will only think of T1 when I see splatter paint, LOL.


Tara Anne Curtin-Johnson said...

Its only okay to call it splatter paint if you have truly gotten yourself inside Jackson Pollacks head-as I have.

I think I could have loved to be his muse- Yup I said that!

AS I recall that day you took us on a tour of all the seediest parts of Brooklyn.

I also recall and exchange of Birthdays gifts in which you gave me the instructions with which to get a man and also to keep him. I recall words like spells and bondage were thrown out there.

And Jamaal- you are right.... I do like a good time!

The good time car is gone and now its a mommy mobile.....

Love ya much but I aint laying down my Mack- as my mack has been lied down and taken root with my White sugar- does that make Will Granulated and bleached....

T1(of course)

Excalibur said...

LOL, well this certainly made me smile this morning. Blame those directions on MapQuest, which btw saved us some time getting to LIC, despite taking us through Bed-Stuy, Bushwick, and I believe through Greenpoint, before we got to the museum.

I forgot that was right around my birthday, LOL. Yes I did get some interesting presents including the crazy horse underwear (thong)--which was a joke--and a present you guys picked up in Atlanta. I got those cool pajama striped pants that have been immortalized in quite a few photos and I think a muscle shirt. Other than that my memory is failing me (as far as the gifts go).

I got to drive the good time car, which was HOT (another birthday present).