Monday, November 27, 2006

The Monday Aftermath

I just want to give props to my girlfriend's cousin (who we'll call Marie). She asked where I was on Thanksgiving. I think we've bonded the last two times that we've met. I think especially because I'm mindful of Marie's background. She has ADD because of the sins of her parent.

She is so tiny, but she is one of the most athletic children I've ever seen. She throws a baseball harder than most men. The first time that we met I decided against catch, for fear of being layed out by one of her fastballs (and humiliated on my first visit to the fine Deborah establishement). You see I had some work done on my teeth last year to fix a small problem, cosmetic dentistry! So I tend to avoid anything that might compromise my new appealing smile.

That didn't mean we couldn't have fun. I aimed to tire her out in the pool. We raced back and forth and played all kinds of games. I've been swimming since I was six. While I don't have textbook form I can hold my own in a pool (I could have it if I bent my elbows a bit more). Despite such form issues I can handle swimming underwater, can backstroke, and can swim freestyle, and can even flirt with the butterfly and breast strokes. So I did my best to tire out Marie. I think I suceeded too.

That was July 4th 2005. During July 4th 2006 Marie came over. The only problem was there was torrential rain. I didn't think she'd remember me, but she did. She seemed much more mature over the course of the year. I am pretty good with children from dealing with my two nieces and nephews and slew of cousins.

Anyway I was at home in New York having Thanksgiving with my family. Marie asked where is Jam, he said he wanted to watch this movie on July 4th and I brought it for him to watch (on her portable DVD). That really made me smile.

On other news I have offically applied for entrance in the Babson Fast Track MBA Program. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Arena said...

Hey, good luck with Babson it is a great school - my fingers are crossed!
I think you might be interested in this excellent interview with Dean Rice:

In the article he focuses on the Fast Track MBA program.