Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bus Rides Gone Bad

I don't know what the hell is going on with Port Authority or South Station lately. Before they were organized. Buses really left on schedule. Lately it's like someone is playing a dart game. Whenever the dart hits the board a bus leaves. It could be an hour later than the "schedule" says it should.

I tend to get very aggravated with the slackness. The ride to New York from Boston, or vice versa, is typically 4.5 hours. I was spoiled when I first started taking the bus. It would take four hours with a break in between. The buses left on schedule.

I've been blessed with an eletrical fire, a driver that didn't know where the hell she was going (I hope she was fired), 7.5 hour trips, and crotchety drivers. Most of the drivers are pretty nice. Even when we had a newby that didn't know how to navigate the mean streets of New York the riders directed her, as the person that was commissioned to teach her the route was clueless. He would've sent us back to the Bronx. Hell no. You get a bunch of New Yorkers that are hungry and tired and you get cooperation. Nobody bitched. They helped. I think that was the last bus ride that was close to schedule that I was on. I should clarify. That means according to time. The bus left almost two hours after the schedule suggested it would.

If they weren't providing such cheap fares I'd probably switch to the train. It lets me have more money to spend on mi novia.

Hasta manana!

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