Monday, December 04, 2006

Share With the Masses

A friend of mine that visited my blog for the first time had some interesting comments. I'm going to refer to her as KB as in Knowledge Base because of her interesting insights and because it's a play on her initials:

1. "What defines you can also destroy you."

So true

What a challenging task, to write every day. I remember in my art program that I was required to sketch every day. Sometimes I just did not feel like sketching! It's hard, I think, to make art "on cue." An artist's ideas usually come like lightning -- you never know when they are going to strike or how intense the effects will be. Like you said, an idea grips you, literally haunts you, until you unleash it. That is the intuitive power of art/artists, but I suppose one must practice to harness that power. Most of an artist's life is exercise -- until those flashes of wisdom and talent come together to make a masterpiece. Writing (painting, drawing, photographing, dancing, singing, what have you) every day is a lot like an athlete's workout or a prize fighter's drills -- you are indeed working those artistic muscles to unleash the best blow possible.

Keep it up -- from what I can tell, you do have a gift.


Excalibur said...

Sometimes people forget that a writer can be artist as well. I respect each and every artist because I know the difficulty of honing one's craft.

It really does pay off if you stick with it (nourish it), take constructive criticism, and never lose the thirst for growing.

It's difficult for me to keep it up (at times), but the most amazing thing is to show someone that hasn't read your writing in years and have them complement you.

Thank you KB for your email. I felt it was too good not to share it with the masses.

elizabeth said...

Every artist has a craft. This craft must be honed. Those who imagine their inspiration is enough, no matter how innately gifted, are always surpassed by those who work ceaselessly with enormous effort, and perservere. All art is fundamentally a matter of technique. Technique plus imagination, desire, and a drop of genius.

So keep on truckin'... And never give up. :)

Love, Elizabeth

elizabeth said...

New post, please! I'm "studying" currently, and I want some distraction!

Excalibur said...

Ha, ha, I'm going to try! I hope your final went well.