Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Switch Why Doth Thou Mock Me?

Today hasn't been the best working day of my life. I was on a high from yesterday after I received a glowing recommendation from our CFO (my boss and all around good guy) for the graduate program I'm applying to. I actually sat down and wrote the second of three required essays (to which my body utterly revolted in the form of a tension headache). That aside I had a very productive day.

However, today was quite a different story. Those damn networking switches that we put up on Friday are evil. They've been giving us problems since they were installed, well they were giving Kwesi problems prior to today. He was out today, which meant my backup duties kicked in-without a cape and tights.

If Superman's weakness is Kryptonite, mine is Dell PowerConnect Switches. These darling little switches openly mock me with amber and green lights. "Plug in another port why don't you." "Try a different cable." And then they laugh at me as they broadcast your an idiot to all of the ports.

Luckily, the problem is only affecting three of my coworkers, who have been unable to work all day. Went to the Dell support website, no help.

I was this close to thrashing the switches before I realized that I would probably end up in a mental institution.

I believe we have a spare and that one will be employed tomorrow. Then I will mock you--trifling switch that must be returned to Dell. You'll be decomissioned or refurbished to torment some other sucker!

Can you feel the madness? LOL

Hasta Luego!

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Anonymous said...

The truth is Brown Sugar-its not the switch that mocks you.It is Sans Underwear man.