Monday, November 20, 2006

MBA Application Status

I feel extremely productive in that I've completed all four of my essays. I have one recommendation and I'm awaiting the second one by the beginning of next week.

That just leaves me to fill out the application itself, which shouldn't take that long, and to revise my resume. I'm feeling pretty on top of things right now. This is all extremely funny to me considering I'm Captain Procrastinator.

I guess when you want something it shows.

On another note I'm considering registering for a writers workshop before I begin school. I'm not interested in a MFA program. I'd like to fine tune some of my writing. I think I have the raw materials down, which is why it would be funny for me to take a beginners workshop. I hate structure. I'm from the Stephen King school of writing to get it down on paper (your ideas) and then refining. I've tried the structured approach and all it seems to leave me with is writer's block. I've read so many books on writing it's not even funny. Perhaps I'll take a look at an intermediate course. Okay I'm rambling. I'm waiting for the server to finish formatting a drive so I can do a backup to it and then leave for the day.

Thanksgiving is only three days away!

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