Saturday, November 11, 2006

Karoake Saturday

You know that you are in a good mood when you begin your day singing a handful of notes which your voice might or might not be able to handle. Now this was remarkable considering I worked until eleven last night and got in at about 12:30. Well that might explain why I woke up at 7 and then turned back over and slept like a baby until a quarter to 11.

Saturday is generally my day to refresh my batteries. If I haven't gone out the night before and I don't have anything on the agenda my typical morning may involve some exercise, watching the Best Week Ever, and VH1's Top Twenty Countdown. I usually wakeup around ten.

Today I continued singing, because bad singing isn't just meant for the shower--it should be shared. The funny thing is if I choose to I can carry a tune, from all the years in chorus, but what fun is that? I want to belt out an expression of my mood. I wonder what my neighbors think, probably something along the lines of "here we go again."

There was a Diva who used to live in the building across the alley from me. I think she was an aspiring singer. Well she would treat us to an impromptu concert, belting like she was auditioning for a gospel choir--screeching and all. She tended to open the window. And her pitch was so wild that it made you want to kill yourself. Now what made that sad was she really took herself seriously. For an hour a day we were "treated" to the concert. Eventually it became comedic.

I don't take myself quite that serious, and thank god neighbors that I don't have that type of range. My singing is for me, not for the public.

All this typing is prime singing time...

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