Saturday, November 04, 2006

Invest in Yourself

I have finally written the first of three required essays to gain entry into graduate school. The fourth is optional, however, I intend to write it nevertheless.

I had a conversation with my wonderful aunt about the importance of investing in one's self. Graduate school is obviously a great financial undertaking, unless you are from the world of privilege, which I am not a member of at this time. However, I will be a better person for having undertaken this journey, despite whatever debt I'm forced to take on to get my MBA.

As my aunt said to me this morning, "an investment in yourself is priceless." I truly believe this statement and I've given similar advice to people all my life. An education is an opportunity to open doors that are firmly shut without it. There are the exceptions of the Bill Gates type personalities that have been able to be successful without obtaining a college or post-undergrad degree. However, they are the exceptions. For the rest of us, however, we must make ourselves as marketable as we possibly can. Therefore, I'm going to apply and be accepted to an MBA program. I intend to start in the Fall semester. And two years from that point the world will be my oyster.

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