Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Speak Soft and Carry a Weapon of Mass Destruction

I'm back! For some reason the title of this post has been in my head all day. Perhaps my mind is going back in history to the days of Teddy Roosevelt where speak soft and carry a big stick was sound advice. Unfortunately the landscape of the world has moved at lightning speed where a stick wouldn't even win you a street fight. A fourth grader might be packing after all!

It is funny to look at the United States at the turn of the 20th century just beginning its imperialist pursuit. Fast forward over a 100 years and North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China are not afraid to call the United State's bluff. There was even talk during the VP debate of a league of democratic nations. What's going to happen every time a member is disagreeable you start a new organization? Get a grip. Diplomacy is about actually going to the table. Knowing when to speak softly and when to raise your voice is a powerful skill set to have at your disposal.

I for one have always respected those that can get their points across sternly without yelling, see an African-American mother's eye glare in the dictionary. Speak softly and carry an African-American mom to the table, LOL. When I'm a CEO I'll remember to keep that one in my bag of tricks. Off to watch the debate!