Saturday, November 11, 2006

Black Ghost

Trickles of sweat roll down my brow. I looked down at my Fossil, out of habit, and then at the time on the elliptical machine. Seven minutes, typical. This is the moment at the gym that kind of makes me feel like a freak. After about seven minutes of aerobic activity I begin to work up a sweat, which is the point of aerobic activity, isn't it?

Well not when it makes you look like a freak. Because it starts with a trickle, and then the river breaks from the dam and has its way with my body. I could put out a fire. I'm serious. No exaggerating here.

And if I'm lucky and forget to constantly wipe away the perspiration, which impairs my vision and burns when it dries, I take on the complexion of a black ghost. The only bad thing about being a black ghost is you can't disappear. You just have to pay attention to finishing your workout and never, ever, make eye contact.

This is an impromptu story, clearly based on me. I guess I shouldn't complain about looking like a black ghost. I can burn more calories in ten minutes than the average person can working out for an hour. I guess it's a blessing and a curse. With that my double posting Saturday concludes.


Anonymous said...

Wow....7 minutes. Im happy if I get to 2 on that toture device.

Anonymous said...

black ghost, LOL. I look like a pink...I don't know what. A pink or red tomato. Want to know a secret? When I run on the treadmill I sweat so much it runs down my arms and drips off my elbows and hits the belt and then is flung against the wall. How sick and nasty is that? At least I spray down the machine when I'm done, hahahh.

Excalibur said...

I think you have me beat