Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What Defines You Can Also Destroy You

I realize at times I'm infected by a disease. Relax people, I'm talking figuratively not literally. I'm not walking around with the clap or worse yet the monster. My disease is my imagination.

Now that might seem a bit odd to express one's imagination in such a derogatory way. Sometimes allowing your mind to wander can cause problems, like bumping into poles, buildings, or small children (which luckily I haven't experienced). What defines you can also destroy you.

Last night I had a story in my mind that wouldn't die. It consumed me until I took out my laptop and scribbled it down. I felt enslaved to my craft, which hasn't happened before. The worse part of this disease that comes and goes is it impairs my ability to finish longer pieces. Why? Because when I start and get sixty or maybe two-hundred pages into a story I lose interest. Why? Because another story is brewing! Another story that grasps my attention and leaves me with yet another unfinished project.

What defines you can also destroy you.

I have two of my better pieces (consensus amongst those who have read enough of my work to make such a claim) currently sitting on the back burner. One a novella, the other a full fledged novel. I think they're brilliant, but my mind has been preoccupied with getting out my application, reading fiction, and writing shorter pieces (which don't rely on my ability to focus)...


Anonymous said...

what doesnt kill us makes us stronger. maybe right now you are meant to gain strength by created lots of idea's. maybe later is the time for you to finish.

Excalibur said...

I hope so, LOL.