Thursday, November 02, 2006

Just the Politics Please

I saw a commercial this morning for the standing Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman. I was quite impressed with it because:

1. It was simple (just Joseph in front of a chalkboard with the terms Republican and Democrat separated with a line). He erases the line in the commercial and says something to the effect of in today's day in age issues are not party issues. You have an obligation to cross party lines if the legislation merits it. And then the typical I'm Lieberman and I approve this commercial.

2. It was honest. Anyone who knows of Lieberman knows that he hasn't been afraid to cross party lines, which in this day and age is quite rare. So in a day and age where honest politician is an oxymoron, he is truly one of the exceptions. Or at least, until a scandal breaks out to mock me.

3. It didn't attack his political opponents. I hate smear campaigns. First of all they are biased. It is extremely easy to manipulate statistics or shuffle around a quote to convey a message counter to the person's actual intentions.

And on a side note--how about we have clean campaigns where people discuss their "realistic" plans if they are elected. Let the people have honest information so they can make informed decisions. Don't use attacking ads paid for by your backers (or if your a millionaire or billionaire self-financed).

And last but not least I cackled when I heard the news about Ann Coulter facing a possible felony charge for voting in the wrong election district. Karma, bitch, Karma.


Anonymous said...

and clearly, she is too stupid to vote in her own district. That is karma.
I wish you could see the commercials in Massachusetts. The politicians in this state have really sunk to an all-time low. Ha ha, even the ones not running are saying shit that pisses people off. Ugh. Is it Election Day yet?

Excalibur said...

LOL, too bad I'll be in Mass. after the election is over. I'm sure they are particularly terrible.

A Cutty horrr, LOL.