Monday, November 13, 2006

The Longest (Coolest) Day Ever

I was initially scheduled to head to Mass. on Saturday, but plans changed, and then changed back again on Saturday night. So I proceeded to travel up to Mass. to celebrate with Al and a bunch of her Smithies for Rachel's belated 25th birthday celebration.

My day begun at 8:00. I got ready and traveled to meet Melu at her house. I figured when they said we were all meeting at 10:00 we'd be leaving at 12, because I'm smart like that. I got there early, even though my trains were all screwed up. I went to McDonald's for breakfast, which hasn't happened in awhile. I had my first McGriddle, egg and cheese. I timed myself. I went in at 9:55, inhaled the sandwich, hash brown, orange juice, and waited online and got food and still was out of there by 10:10. Now I know why the strange man was staring at me. I've been known to eat like a savage at times, so says my coworker Kwesi and my brother.

I got to the house and waited around for everyone to show-up. We went and got bagels and rambled around and low and behold pulled out around 12!

We had a great group and we had a blast on the car ride up. I swear we sounded like an improv group.

We got lost on our way to Cambridge but somehow ended up randomly running into Fire and Ice. There was a point where I go the buildings look old--we are close--and I remembered the circle where Al and I have been lost before (I think).

Anyway we have a great time (and I got to see Al and Amy and 2xE and Ash and a bunch of wonderful people--especially Rachel). The food was amazing, the drinks were amazing, the dessert was amazing. Okay I think that I have used up my quota of amazing for the month.

Al and I spent about five minutes with her trying to lift me and me showing off some self-defense skills. And people looked at us like yeah they are a very special couple. This was after drunken talks about the beauty of mixing aka tan babies.

We left around 9. Got lost again after we trailed Al, LOL, and then finally stuck on 95 until we got to NY.

I was in my bed by 1. I'd absolutely do it again!

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like an awful lot of traveling to me. Glad to hear you got to Boston and happier even that you had so much fun.