Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oh Blog Where Art Thou?

It's been awhile since my last post, almost two months. I realize how much I miss it. I have to make time to put up something, even if it is just a few thoughts. I'll have to put a twice a week minimum posting requirement for myself.

Since my last post I bought a Honda Civic EX which I love! It's so fuel efficient. It has good interior space and did I mention I just love it. It's actually my first car. I had people question my decision to buy a new car, but at the end of the day it was my decision. I did what worked best for me, so the doubters can doubt, but when I am getting 38 mpg driving up to Massachusetts I kind of laugh, or when I can drive to the nicer supermarket to get groceries, or when I don't have to worry about my car breaking down on me on that aforementioned 250 mile trip up near Boston.

I received my promotion at work. I am no longer handling any network support. I get to concentrate on the electronic side of the company, which is my love. I have my first direct report and more on the way. It's pretty cool combined with the fact that I started my MBA program last week. I had orientation and it was amazing. Babson is an amazing college, and the program that I'm in, Fast Track, is a wonderful opportunity for me to increase my knowledge base and open up my mind to different ways of thinking. The promotion actually gives me more of a vehicle/voice to start implementing or to try to implement what I'm learning.

My classmates are amazing. The program is really pushing us to be innovative. This is great for me, because I generally have a lot of ideas. I am finding better ways to make suggestions and to find ways to get around organizational obstacles.

I'm back and hopefully you'll never have this much of a break in seeing a post from me. I hope all is well! Now I have to get ready to do some work for school and for my job. TTYL