Monday, November 06, 2006

So Much for Being Early

My coworker and I had spent a few hours replacing some network switches on Friday, which got my weekend off to a roaring start. I knew that I should be to work early, because typically there are a few minor problems when you mess around with the patch panel and with switches, especially as you're tired and ready to leave work after a long week.

So I woke up early, reluctantly. I heard there was a problem on several subway lines. So I was glad that I was leaving early. The dollar van that I took ran into some traffic. And the driver spent about five minutes insulting a well-dressed man who looked possibly ten years his senior and seemed to possess an IQ 20 to 30 points higher than the driver. The man had asked the driver to let him off at a certain block, near a local train station, especially since the driver took a convoluted route towards the express train station. One of the passengers looked quite upset as she basically jumped out of the van, because she too wanted the local stop.

Well the driver just kept going. So the well dressed man told the driver he too had wanted to get off at that stop. The driver let out a string of insults. This kept going on. The driver continuing to look like an ass with every word that he let fly from his lips. He even started calling the man chi-chi, Jamaican slang for faggot.

This after the driver took the local route on Eastern Parkway behind a garbage truck, which pissed off all of the passengers. Well at least I made it to the train station by 8.

I go down into the train station and basically see utter chaos. The local train is running in the reverse direction. There are no express trains coming. I look at the mounds of people and decide that I'd better go upstairs and take the bus to another station, approximately ten minutes away, on another line.

Of course I missed the bus. I ran into get a Guyanese treat for my coworker and his girlfriend, that they love from a restaurant in the direction I was going. The service was pretty quick, but it cost me two more buses.

So I walked briskly and got to the A train. The Local C train went by, but no express. The first one was too crowded to get on. The second one I was able to get on, but it ran slower than normal. It seems all of the train lines at my disposal were affected by the same train issue in Midtown.

So I strolled into work twenty minutes late, and a tad bit frustrated. I still feel like I'm playing catch up, but I know I will overcome. Well the other major annoyance is their is some construction on the bricks of our office building. Imagine a mosquito combined with a jackhammer. The incessant noise is obviously rather unpleasent, but it makes working very difficult.

Well at least I have book club tonight. I'm sure I won't be late for that.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a horrible start! It's strange because I think NYC and Boston are moving in this similar pattern of traffic/train badness. Nine times out of ten when you email me "ugh today's commute SUCKED" the same thing has happened to me. Of course, it could be the "it's Monday, everything sucks" theory, or we could be living freaky, parallel lives. Since I'm in your head, I'm gonna vote for the latter. I hope work is treating you better baby!

Excalibur said...

Wow that's a pretty interesting theory. Though I think day to day I experience better commutes than you do, only because you have to drive to the T and deal with buses. I am lucky that usually when there's a problem I can jump on a number of trains.

I'm just mad because I could've gotten more sleep, LOL. No I needed to be here I was correct. There were a bunch of small issues.