Thursday, November 16, 2006

What a Fall!

I don't know if it is the effects of Global Warming or just some irregular weather pattern, but it is definitely abnormally warm for this time of year (didn't know there were alternative theories on global warming until about a month ago). I'm not complaining, but I think it is throwing my sense of timing out of wack. I noticed that the leaves in New York started changing colors nearly a month after they usually do.

I haven't had to wear a sweater at all this year. The hat, scarf, and gloves have yet to make an appearance. Besides some murky weather there hasn't been anything to complain about weatherwise. Instead I don a baseball cap, which is funny, because I'm not a big hat person. I have noticed more people getting sick than usual. My mother told me not to change with the weather and so I won't rock a spring jacket. I wear my wool black coat, it might be open, LOL, but I wear it nevertheless.

Though it would feel strange for me to be able to walk out of my house on Thanksgiving without it being cold, I'm certainly enjoying the weather.

Ice caps forgive me.

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Anonymous said...

This crazy weather patterns is what fills a doctors office.
I have been so sick to my stomach from the bronchitus cough and swollen tonsil I can;t sit here long enough to write a blog...but I will be back.