Thursday, January 04, 2007

Time to Take a Deep Breath

Have you ever had one of those days when the world seems to fall down on your shoulders? I had that experience today.

Legally I can not disclose any facets of the impending changes at my place of business. However, I can just say it will lead to a lot more work for me. Perhaps I will get a chance to hire some support staff, which is a bonus.

My day started off with a meeting with some of our Sales staff, review of last year's goals and where the reps ended up--in respect to their yearly targets. I had the opportunity to discuss some technical items and then that was pretty much all I needed to contribute to the discussion.

I had a meeting with my boss this morning where I learned some interesting news of some changes that could be approaching soon. You see I had come into this year with objectives, things that I could do to help our business run smoother. The news certainly will brush my goals to the side for awhile. I have a trip to Costa Rica that I hope to be taking in June. There are more facets of my job that I can't discuss, but let's just say I suffered from informational overload today which sent me into a state of panic. I confess to being somewhat of a control freak. I had my year planned out and was ready to tackle some challenges. I didn't expect this one, but I should've seen it coming, like a good right hook.

I swore I was having an anxiety attack. I'm planning on starting graduate school in the fall. I needed order in my life, not surprises, LOL.

I called my girlfriend amidst this anxiety attack and she calmed me down. She had been sending me these beautiful sites on things we could do in Costa Rica if we did a 7 or 8 day trip and I think I panicked, because I know I'm due for a big vacation and I didn't want to have my plans vetoed because of business.

Anyway a quick five minute walk and a conversation with her drained the anxiety. I'm back to my smiling and cheerful self. I might even add some trainings to my schedule this year, which means business traveling, if I'm not overwhelmed by the top-secret news.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. I've let the Himalayas slide off my chest and I can breathe clearer. That's until tomorrow when someone lays more news...wouldn't it be nice if you could just disappear in those situations?

I really look forward to the challenges the year brings despite all the whining. I think I just needed to purge it. Here's looking at you 2007 with a smile, and hopefully a lot of good things ahead for me.

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