Friday, January 26, 2007

One Man's Failure Is Another's Success

Today I learned a lot about myself. The nerves/anxiety that I spoke about in the previous post have been defeated or managed. Let's just say I had a test today and I didn't pass it. Normally it would be the source of so much disappointment, but it wasn't today.

I knew that I gave it my best effort and today it wasn't good enough...hopefully tomorrow it will be. I feel good knowing that my nerves weren't responsible for sabotaging me.

I experienced a similar problem on the way to completing my Microsoft certifications. There was a test that I failed by a few points on a Thursday. I knew that I let my nerves destroy my chance at passing. I didn't study any further, retook the test on Saturday and improved my score by almost 300 points. The final of seven tests gave me problems as well. I saw from the score reports that I was doing extremely well in all areas except one. It took two times, but I did pass, and this time with almost a perfect score.

So today's failure actually showed me how far I've come. I know that I'm ready to succeed and know that I don't have to fear anxiety making me it's bitch, I feel a step closer to my goal, not further away.

It's kind of amazing to me that this obstacle didn't shatter my confidence. That tells me how far I've come.


Al said...

come up to see me. we can practice "parking" heh heh heh
Seriously though, Love, I'm glad this hasn't broken your spirits. I guess it's just getting over that one annoying obstacle that is standing in your way, and I know you can totally do that :)

coldploy said...