Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The Craziest Party Ever

Al and I went to the Toshi New Year's Eve Party at Studio 7 near Canal Street. First of all she looked amazing in her little black dress and with her accompanying silver accessories. I think I looked stunning, which is not a surprise considering me being a LEO.

I bought VIP tickets for the two of us. I found out the day before, because of the exclusivity of the party, that it wasn't being held at the Puck building, but on a street in Chinatown that I'd never heard of.

We left pretty early so that we could dine in style, more on that later. We both looked stellar, as I mentioned before. So we are walking down Walker Street, because we got out the wrong exit (following the directions from and had to double-back. The start of the street looked super sketchy. First of all Chinatown stinks during the day, but has an even more noxious smell at night--rotten garbage perhaps. The streets are pretty dreary as well. We walked down the street making sure we didn't step in any leftovers or on any vagabonds (with our noses turned up).

When we got to the building I was a bit nervous. It didn't look like the place worthy of all of the hype of the Toshi parties. I immediately took off my tie, feeling overdressed.

The bouncer said the elevator wasn't working so we had a steep climb up 5 long flights towards the Penthouse (feel sorry for Al with her high heels on). There was no VIP separate coat check as had been advertised. They had only given me one VIP seat instead of two, though that didn't turn out to be a problem.

The three course dinner was buffet style. At this point I was getting pretty nervous. We had two really cool coeds at the table with us, they had started a business, and I guess were celebrating in style.

The drinks were amazing. We had pomegranate and vodka drinks. There were women in bodypaint and some nasty looking men that should have had a shirt on instead of showing their slightly bulging bodies and hanging chests, but one was really nice and poured us so much vodka in our drinks that I can forgive him for his audacity to go topless.

The toshiettes gave massages, twenty bucks for three minutes of pleasure, which I certainly didn't need with Al on my arm, even though she offered to pay for me to have one, which is why she is a real winner.

The food was good, and only initially available to the VIPs. The music was great. We danced the night away. Toshi showed up in a pink blazer with a beautiful Asian woman that looked about five inches taller than him.

We shared a bottle of champagne with the cool guys at our table (which was only 40 bucks surprisingly). We were already nice from about four drinks in about an hour.

I had a camera on me a lot of the night, me being a pretty attention grabbing dancer. I was groped about five times (not even sure by what sex as it kept happening so quickly--I'm sure they got the idea by Al pinching my ass several times during the night).

You had such a mixed crowd: people with tuxedos, people dressed like Justin Timberlake, beautiful party dresses, sneakers and hip-hop gear, blazers, pretty much every style that you can imagine (I did mention Toshi's pink blazer). It just added to the party's allure. You had so many different types of people mixing and having a kick ass time.

Despite the hefty price tag and a few b.s. promises of grandeur the party was well worth the money. There was a crowd of people who were friendly and wanted to party the night away.

We left at 3. I would absolutely do it again. I just hope I'm not on the Internet somewhere as my dress got more relaxed the more I danced and drank.

I almost forgot Al spotted some man that decided to show his very small penis to the people that were unfortunate enough to see it. She thought that it was fake because it was so small (testicles being larger than the actual penis). Why on earth would he want to show that off, unless he wanted to give someone a good laugh?

There are so many details that I'm leaving out as my brain is fried. Well we'll always have our VIP memorabilia and Al has her tiara souvenir from the party.

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