Monday, January 08, 2007

I Love New York

"New York is inside the MothaF*cking House." Those who have seen the Flavor of Love have heard the villain New York/Tiffany use it as she picked fights and manipulated her way to the final two twice. She didn't receive those attrocious pair of customized gold teeth either time. She has decided that her fifteen minutes of fame aren't up.

Every so often I find a guilty pleasure reality television show to sink my teeth into. I remember watching the Flavor of Love, which I confess was some of the worst television ever, but some of the funniest nevertheless.

I know I'm amongst the legion of fans to have watched the show. I watched both seasons and even got my girlfriend into watching the second season, because it's so funny.

One of the biggest moments in reality television history, which I'll deem the spit seen round the world:

I'm sure many fans watched this over and over again on YouTube. I watched it on Best Week Ever and cracked up each time.

Then I watched Tiffany, New York, show her butt during the reunion when she tried to take a pound of flesh out of Pumkin's ass.

Notice Flav's bodyguard in the middle of the two combatants.

I watched Miss New York have her heart broken by Flavor Flav twice. I actually felt really bad for her. I swore that I wouldn't watch her show, even when my girlfriend said I would just to see how funny it was going to be--and she was right, as usual.

I'll be watching Sister "Hellfire" Patterson and her sometimes drag queen looking daughter try to help Tiffany find real love amongst a group of pimps, thugs, effiminates, husslers, and actors. I'm already waiting to see how many clips make best week ever, because there were quite a few comical moments including: a man crying about his dog princess that died three weeks ago and knows it is fate because New York is a princess, a rotund man with a wandering eye that women have pitied and told that he has amazing eyes, Mrs. Patterson interrogating the boys because a few of them had "a touch of gay," New York's personal assistant and pretty in pink assistant Chamo, and a screaming thug with a gap that Tiffany has taken a liking to but has already brought out the wrath of her scary looking mother.

I'm not promising the best television ever, but I promise that if you have a pulse and can laugh at the expense of others making fools of themselves I Love New York might just be right for you too.


Twixie said...

I'm a reality TV fan and stayed away from stuff like Surreal life, and flavor of love (at first)... but Miss New York has me tuning in to her show because it promises to deliver just what we expect from reality TV. And after seeing just that first episode I already see it's going in the right direction... it will be entertaining if anything.

Excalibur said...

I completely agree, LOL. There's something about Miss New York that makes you love and hate her at the same time. Perhaps she's an actress, if so a very convincing one. Oh we will have something to look forward to on television...a guilty pleasure worth not feeling so guilty about watching.