Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Massacre

I remember checking CNN's websites early yesterday and seeing the developing story on the Virginia Tech shooting. I wondered what would make someone fire at a dormitory. I saw the early images of students jumping out of buildings, as two were hurt at that time--and one person was confirmed dead.

Fast forward a few hours. I'm on a technical support call with a woman from New Hampshire. She stops me midstream as she just got word that one of their former students were safe. We had a brief conversation. It was still just a developing story at that time. She said there was some speculation that the gunman lost it after his girlfriend cheated on him.

I then went back to see the updates. That's when I saw the death toll had jumped up to 31 and there were 29 confirmed injured, which possibly included the gunman.

I was previously on a high, being Allison's birthday. I was thinking about all the fun we had that weekend. Then I felt my mood melt as I thought about all of those students that were in class or in their dormitory when they were exterminated!

I became angry. I wished the guy had the courage to just kill himself instead of innocent people. I know that the story is still developing, but I find it quite disturbing. People send their kids to get an education, to broaden their horizons, and some lunatic robs families of their loved ones.

I offer my deepest condolences and hope they catch the additional assailant--if there is one. May god comfort the families who lost loved ones.


coldploy said...

I was shocked too when I first heard this news. And you know what ? the gunman was an Asian guy! stupid! I just don't understand why he did this.

Keep me posted with the updated news, will ya?

T1 said...

It was a senseless act whether the gunman was asian black,hispanic or even jewish. The country is full of anger but we dont see the warning signs.I hate to constantly quote howard stern but he commented-someone said there was really nothing we could have done to prevent this- and howard said" there are security experts that believe metal detectors could have prevented it"- he was sarcastic and he was right. OKay sure then the gunmen could have opened fire on the grounds but at least those kids could have tried for an escape. Its sad but most of the world has an obvious security presence and we should too. All exits and entrances need metal detectors. Campus's need gates and guards and I belong here id's. That would certainetely have stopped this guys terror. He would not have made it through the dorm door or the school door. The other puzzling thing to me- teachers and students did try to stop this from happening. They told authorities they were concerned aboutt his guy doing exactly what he ended up doing. Maybe it does have something to do with his being asian- bc sure as shit if they same reports were made about a muslim student it would have been followed up on

God Bless those families that now weep for the children they told "you have to go to college and get an education" because right now they wish they hadn't wanted better for their kid.