Friday, April 20, 2007

On the Lighter Side

After two pretty intense posts about the Virginia Tech murders, I felt the need to post something a little on the lighter side.

I used to watch American Idol the first few seasons it was on the air. I usually waited until it was down to the semi-final round, though I did catch William Hung's performance.

So after a couple of seasons of not watching it at all, one of my coworkers got me sucked back in. I'm glad that she did, just in time for the final 12 selection. Suddenly Sanja mania had taken over.

On one side was a legion of people like me that thought he didn't have a lick of talent, and on the other hand you had a legion of teenie boppers that were completely enthralled with him. Then you throw in the divisive plot by to make a mockery of the whole American Idol phenomenon, by voting for worse singer--which happened to be Sanjaya.

Here you have this 17-year old boy who should be doing Crest commercials instead of singing--seemingly without a shred of talent--as pretty as a woman--just staying around week after week despite horrible performances.

I kept asking my coworker how did he make it to Hollywood. She said he was actually pretty good before.

The one good thing about seeing Sanjaya stay around was seeing a shred of talent with a few of his performances (his best were the rock "pony-hawk" performance and the Marc Anthony song that he sung when J-Lo helped out the Idol contestants), the judges with their dumbfounded looks as they realized the constructive criticism that they would offer meant absolutely nothing--even Simon.

Here's a quote from Simon Cowell about Sanjaya:
"I miss him, probably in the same way as I would miss now my favorite horror movie," he said. "I don't mean that nastily, because I like horror movies. But there's a kind of like, 'I hate it, I love it.' And that's how I felt about Sanjaya."

He was a "very sweet guy, quite entertaining, but a horrible singer,"

I won't forget the little girl that was in tears, reminiscent of 80s Michael Jackson mania--or 50s/60s Beatles mania, all the crazy hairstyles that Sanjaya rocked, the commentary from Best Week Ever "Sanjaya should do what he's destined to, play a teenage girl in a made for TV movie," or the smug looks from Simon after each Sanjaya performance. Lets not forget Simon's one compliment, following the Marc Anthony Spanish song--lost for words on the title: "you're going to be surprised at what I said, but it wasn't that bad."

If you are one of the few people that are wondering what's next for this would be Idol hopeful, this is an excerpt from the CNN article I read earlier today. You'll find a summary of Sanjaya's aspirations:

college, with the Berklee College of Music in Boston his goal, and a wide-ranging career that will probably include performances with his sister, Shyamali, 19, who unsuccessfully auditioned for "Idol."

I'm sure he'll take full advantage of his 15 minutes.


Al said...

Dude, do you realize that you just compared Sanjaya to Michael Jackson and the Beatles? SO wrong!! Sanjaya has the same number of fans, but divided by 12 bajillion, leaving, um, like 3. lol. ok 4, his mom, dad, sister and that crying girl, LOL.

Excalibur said...

No I just compared the mania--lovers and haters, LOL.

Sanjay and his sister can become the new age Donnie and Marie, LOL. Can't you see the variety show? Of course it couldn't be live, you'd need to doctor his voice.

He could be the Indian Milli Vanilli.

Lacan Dropu said...

great blog!!!

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Lacan Dropu
From Argentina

Al said...

ok, sorry, Sanjaya-mainia. STILL it's nowhere NEAR the Michael Jackson/Beatles mania. It's not even in the same league!!! More people in America probably dislike him than like him!! Seriously, maybe 100 people have Sanjaya-mainia. Problem is, American Idol managed to find them and plant them in front of cameras. Those tv bastards!

Excalibur said...

Thanks, Lacan. Feel free to drop by. I'll take a look at your blog.

Al it's hyperbole, LOL, my 10th great English teacher would be so proud of me.

If you read the CNN article you'll see that he hasn't gotten any offers since he's been off of the show.

I can see him on celebrity Big Brother or some kind of washed up reality show, LOL.

He'll have a beard and a belly and you'll only be able to tell who he is when he smiles.

Forgive me Beatles and Michael for putting you in the same context of Sanjaya, LOL.

Theresa M. said...

Yo Jamaal, it's crazy Theresa here. I was looking for more ways to procrastinate going to bed so I thought, "hey, haven't visited Jamaal's blog in a while so why the heck not." When I read this entry on Sanjaya I realized that you might enjoy something I emailed my family on Apr 11. I'm pasting the letter below. Hope you get a good laugh out of it. Rock on, dude. Glad to see you're doing well.


So. Today I watched American Idol, which as you know is my first time since boycotting the show after Kelly Clarkson won several years ago. What I realized while watching it was that there are lots of things to be grateful for, courtesy of last night's show. Here are my top five:

1. That the blessed DVR was invented. I compressed a 60-minute show into ten minutes by pressing that forward button, and thus spared myself seeing another sight of Paul Abdul dancing to another contestant botching a song, in this case being Marc Anthony's "I Need to Know." (I said to myself, "No, I don't need to know," and pressed that forward button again to skip to the next singer.)

2. That I am not Latina. When J-Lo said with a straight face, "It's munaquita with a y," when that kid kept saying "moonakita," I wanted to high-five her.

3. That I don't have Melinda's insecurities. When she said she will have a hard time singing because she doesn't find herself sexy at all I was like, "Girl, you have got to be kidding me. With that voice of yours you can lure Osama out of his cave." But girlfriend didn't hear me from my couch in Teaneck so sure enough she messed up. Couldn't listen to her for more than 15 seconds.

4. That I am not Gloria Estefan. If I were her I would weep myself into the closet upon hearing that girl's version of "C'mon shake your body and do that conga."

5. That I was not in front of Sanjaya during the taping of the show. I figured out at least part (not all) of the mystery of why that guy is such an enigma. And it's this: I can't look at him without cracking up! Is he a male or a female? A kid or an adult? Flamboyant or just wily? And when Simon Cowell said, "I can't understand anything you sang, and you sang like a 14 year old, and I will hate myself for this but... you weren't horrible," I howled so loud with laughter that if I were there at the filming they would have escorted me out.

So that's my synopsis. I also loved it when J-Lo was kind of chuckling to herself and said, "Oh, I love Sanjaya..." You could tell that she can't wait to go home and pee in her pants as she tells her friends what was really on her mind.

My DVR is set for next week's train wreck!


Anonymous said...

OK, my dear Jamaalaya. It's Theresa again. As your reward for putting up with that long post I just made, I will share with you my long-held secret: Yes, I too have a blog. It's a photoblog. I've had it for some time now, and haven't told people about it except family b/c I Am That Crazy. So here it is: Visit it if you want; no prob if you don't. And yes, you are now part of that inner circle upon receiving this info, that inner circle being People Tortured with Theresa's Worldview.

Excalibur said...

OMG, Theresa I'm definitely going to take a look at your blog. Your post is so unbelievably funny.

Why did you hate Kelly Clarkson, LOL. Don't tell me you were routing for Sideshow Bob, Justin Guarini.

I think of the winners I truly only have respect for Kerry Underwood, Kelly, and marginally for Fantasia (if she stops singing about being a baby's momma, LOL).