Monday, July 09, 2007

HDTV How Did I Live Without You

Okay so if you can't guess I recently purchased a LCD TV. It wasn't a reckless purchase either. My old television could've collected social security a few years ago. It finally went to that TV Junkyard in the sky.

And if you know me I cannot deal with not having a television for too long. Al was on her way to visit me. I had houseguests. So I let my MasterCard show me the way to a 27 inch Olivia TV. Now you know it had to give me drama. A bunch of the cable boxes died, never worked, or were somewhere in between. My mother traded one in, was here for a tech, I took one to be replaced, and then my mom waited for the other tech to come. I spent 82 bucks on cables, which I returned a few, after Cablevision supplied the audio and component cables.

I have to spring for an HDMI cable eventually. It's just nice to have something new, which I would have never bought if my old tv didn't have the foresight to commit suicide.

You've been replaced and you're not missed, LOL.

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