Saturday, February 24, 2007

Work on the Brain

Life over the course of the last month and a half, in regards to corporate life, has been extremely exhausting for me. There are so many projects that I've been working on lately. There are so many overlapping deadlines that it seems I haven't had a moment of peace.

I noticed that I'm taking lunch much later. I managed to start eating breakfast or at least grab some green tea or something along those lines. I started to drink a lot more water, which certainly makes my body feel better.

So basically when I start working on these projects tunnel vision takes over. Something has to suffer in order to meet deadlines. It's funny because people can give you advice on time management, but it really doesn't help. In an ideal world you can say I'm going to work on Project A for 2 hours, then Project B for 2 hours, etc.

This is completely impossible for me. I have to take support calls, occasionally help with support activities, respond to tech correspondence, respond to IT correspondence, work with a wonderful yet demading sales group, and then I have the special projects that become priority over all other things. This makes me go bonkers at time. I feel shackled to my desk lately.

Last night I hung out with some of my coworkers. I had a wonderful time. Told some good stories, heard some good stories, had a few Sam Adams.

I get home at about 10:30. I talk to Al and then fall asleep. I wakeup at 3 and my brain is completely obsessed with all of the deadlines I have for the upcoming week. I couldn't turn it off. It kept racing.

What I usually do at times like these is take some days off. I certainly have the days. I'm going to finish the big projects ASAP. Then I'm going to take a week off for mental recuperation ceteris paribus.


coldploy said...

Life is short and not about working! You can work hard and also play hard (look! who's talking; people consider me as a workaholic). F@#$ the deadlines. We are humans not a machine. Even machines need maintenance.

Al said...

yeah, turn off that brain, love. hahahah I know if I were around you wouldn't be thinking about work, hahahha

coldploy said...

Oops, Al's comment is very sweet.

Excalibur said...

This was sweet and dirty, LOL.

I am through with that project for now--my brain cells are dancing!