Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

I know so many people that get depressed when they don't have a significant lover in their life on Valentine's Day. I've gone many of years without one. I've had one the last two years (she's a good woman)--but we are very far away from each other, currently defying the laws of a long distance relationship.

Still being alone for Valentine's Day is nothing to be depressed about. I can understand if you went out to a restaurant and you saw people sucking each other's tongue's out. That could be pretty sickening.

Valentine's Day really doesn't mean so much to me. I try to express my love year round. That doesn't mean that I totally disregard the day. I try to make Al feel special, because I think she's worth it. I don't need anything special. A card is always nice.

It's a holiday that sees couples go to ridiculous lengths: diamonds, fur coats, perhaps vehicles--to show their love. Valentine's Day to me is about the simple things. I got a chocolate fish that says you're a keeper, cute and funny. I got a card that says I'm the sweetest. I also received a Nalgene bottle filled with chocolate kisses.

I must say when it comes to creativity I'm a distant second to Al. I love to send her flowers, Peruvian Lilies this year (gorgeous), chocolates, and a teddy bear. The last couple of years I've sent them on the 13th so she can feel extra special, because she is.

I say this all to say when I was single I wasn't sad not to have a Valentine. I thought I'll have one--one day. I took my mother out and made her feel special. I went out with my sister and my cousin. I made the holiday work for me, instead of defining me. I hope that I'm able to maintain this even though I have someone very special person in my life.

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!


T1 said...

very sweet. I say its a hallmark holiday. I do think for children it is important because they cant understand the concept of Hallmark holiday. They need to feel special on these well advertised days.

Im glad you take comfort in the love of your family.Thats really the most important thing. Soon enough your lady will truly be your family. SOmehow she probably already is.

Al said...

Thanks for everything love. You do show your mad ATTRACTION to me every day of the year, but you know I appreciate the small tokens ;)
I know you love your chocolate fish, LOL. Even if you don't, I knew you'd at least think it's funny and quirky - like me heh heh

I will post about the flowers today hopefully!

Excalibur said...

T1, Hallmark Holiday that about sums it up. Yes imagine if more people used the holiday to express their love to family as well as to their significant other (if there is one in the picture).

Al, you're right it is just like you, LOL. And yes if you were a materialistic goldigger I guess we wouldn't be dating, LOL, as I'm not exactly from old money and have yet to make an imprint on new money either.

Your comments made me smile ladies.

T1 said...

FYI- my copany is selling/was selling that fish., Whereever it was bought probably was bought from my company- just a little bit of info!

Excalibur said...

Truly a small world!