Thursday, May 17, 2007

Random Thoughts

I'm currently in a bit of pain, just finished the second half of a root canal procedure. I dipped into my stash of prescribed painkillers for the first time. It's not excruciating so I only took one. I'm off the antibiotics now, which is great, so I can drink again, LOL. Not that I completely stopped. A Long Island Iced Tea found it's way into my system on Mother's Day, post-pills, a Gin and Tonic found it's way into my system at Bozenka's party (compliments of KA--who wouldn't let me not drink--only one I had), and I had a wine cooler yesterday. So I guess I can't say I didn't drink, LOL.

Now what's funny is knowing that I wasn't supposed to, made me want to drink more. I don't crave alcohol. I have wine at home if I really wanted to dive in. It was like once I decided that I shouldn't every liquor in the world started sending me evil vibes, just one drink, oh you're not drinking, pussy, LOL.

I'm glad that I won't have to see the dentist again until November. I have a very good dentist, otherwise I would've never let them convince me to partake in some cosmetic dentistry. Lets just say I had minor complication from said dentistry. So I had to make two additional trips this year. I got my toothbrush, but not my damn floss, LOL. I want my floss.

This post is clearly random. Perhaps the codeine and acetaminophen are kicking in! I'm going to put away my laundry and goto sleep, and try to ignore my throbbing post root canal tooth.


Judy said...

Bummer, my friend.

Root canals are not fun. Nice to hear your comments on my posts. Life is mostly sweet for me these days... Nice seeing Allison yesterday--funny as ever. She made the ride from JP to her job site a riot...



Excalibur said...

Thanks, Judy.

I hope you checked out the tenured faculty post. I received a comment from someone that appears to be in administration. I would love to get a professor's perspective.

I really enjoyed reading your posts. If you're reading this comment and you're interested in poetry check out Slice by Slice, it's a link in my Blog Hall of Fame. If you're a hopeless romantic you'd love her posts as well.

BTW feeling much better today.