Friday, March 16, 2007

A Surprise Visit

So yesterday I'm walking over to talk to Katrina and low and behold I see Kim, T, and Lily in the MIS office. Now I was really surprised. 1. T is like a fort. He can hold a secret like no other. 2. It was a bit rainy so even if I had expected to see Lily I would have still been shocked.

Now Lily is my god-daughter. Now T and I live a substantial distance away by NJ Transit. Like it takes 3 hours to get out there from my house (and wait for the bus). This is both ways. If I go on the weekend when MTA is particularly unreliable, due to track work and maintenance, there's no telling how long of a trip it could be.

Now that I have my license, and hopefully soon will have a car (I have a monogrammed key chain with my initials on it J.C.T.--compliments of the lovely Allison)--the trip would be about an hour (ceteris paribus).

Anyway I love babies. They generally love me too. How long has it been since my last visit. Well Lily was just about a month old. So it's been nearly four months. It's been far too long. I haven't seen Kim in that time either.

So it was a real nice surprise to see them in the office. I got to play with Lily, to catch up with Kim, and to see two parents that truly adore their daughter.

Well not only was I treated to this visit I was also invited out to dinner, which I accepted. I had a mango mojito, which was amazing, and roasted duck--with roasted pears, and potatoes. Now the food took a long time to come out, but it was certainly worth it. I had a fabulous time. I even Salsa danced with Lily, chair-style. I was even allowed to pay, as this meal besides being a get together--was a celebration of me getting my license (which you know by now was the bane of my existence).

So I'm ending the week on a high, despite the carnage winter storm that is buffeting the east coast as we speak. There's a couple of inches of slush outside. We are only supposed to get about 4-8 inches. Kind of strange following 60+ weather the last few days. Those poor folks in upstate New York and Jersey are slated to get a foot. I know Al is supposed to get hefty accumulations up in Mass. too.

Have a great weekend everyone!


coldploy said...

Lily is the fruit of the happy family.

Excalibur said...

Ain't that the truth!