Saturday, March 10, 2007

Recuperation Saturday

I had such a great night out last night. I finished up a few things at work dealing with Daylight Savings Time and our email server. Next up was checking out Zodiac. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, perhaps because I had low expectations for the film to start with. So I figured we'd be finished with the movie by 9 and then I would have time to run to Borders to pickup my book club book--The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom (which I've read previously).

Well the movie let out at about 9:45. I swore Borders was closed. I saw the lights on and couldn't believe that fate shined on me--as we needed to use the bathroom--so I got to relieve myself and picked up the book.

You see I was supposed to be at a party in Astoria by 10. Well that certainly didn't happen. I was probably getting on the train around 10. I'm not particularly comfortable taking trains in Queens, especially on the weekend--with all of the service changes.

So the plan was to be at the party at 10--to stay a couple of hours and then to try to get home by 1ish.

Well I got a bit lost on the train, not terribly--but enough to delay my arrival to the party until 11. I had to back track on the train. I asked someone how to get back to the R. They told me to go back to Manhattan. I knew that wasn't right.

When I got to Queens Plaza, which I knew the R stopped at I asked someone. They told me that you can't directly connect. You have to go downstairs and catch it. So I get off in the middle of some dreary area in search of the R, with my hopstop directions in tow.

I asked someone who said oh yeah it's right over there. Of course it wasn't, but my intuition kicked in and navigated me to the train. I made it to 46th Street and walked the wrong way--by a block--and then turned back around.

Finally, I made it to the party. I had some great drinks. So much fun. There were so many stories--mediation that stopped a possible massacre. It was an all around good time.

So that whole me leaving at 12 deal--didn't happen. It was more like 2:30. Well to make a long story short--I took 2 trains--got off at 14th street and then had to walk over to Union Square (due to the trains I need to go to Brooklyn only running on the east side--something the conductors failed to mention). I just missed the 4, so I went and caught the two. It's now about 4ish. I finally grab a cab, get something to eat and I'm home just before 5.

So today has consisted of me sleeping, going out parallel parking, and now updating my blog. I'm still thoroughly exhausted! At least I wasn't hungover. A few beers and car bombs sat pretty good with my system. Go figure!

Now it's off to watching the NCAA tournament championships before March Madness begins.

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