Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Pet Nation

Americans spent more than 40 billion dollars on their pets last year. That's more than the GDP of all but 64 nations combined. The 40 billion dollars is more than what's spent on music, video games, and movies combined. Interesting since this consumption nation is obsessed with instant gratification and the thought that the resources spent on pets surpassed these three heavily targeted mediums really surprised me.

The amount spent per year has doubled in a little over a decade. Why? Empty nesters, singles without children, etc. More than anything I think people embrace pets in a different way than they did even a decade ago. Pets are seen as extensions of a family. They give unconditional love. We open up our wallets. It's an equal exchange.

Now some of the excessive behavior, in my opinion, is seeing people pay for their pets to have plastic surgery. Or spending more money on a pet than you give to charity. I understand these are personal choices, but is it more important for your dog to have esteem (faux testicles after they are neutered, neuticles at $900 a pop) or to give money to one of many charities. Again this is a personal choice. I don't own any pets. I can understand why someone might lavish their pets, which is not a problem in my eyes, as long as you're socially responsible as well.


T1 said...

is their really such a thing as
neuticles?if you read my blog about gus you know how i felt about my dog.even had to draw a line somehere with the expenses incurring from tests when truly i knew the dog had cancer.
my dog- we spoil her rotten but with love.

elizabeth said...

Ok. I'm sorry, but pet plastic surgery has WAY MORE to do with the *owner's* ego than the pet's. Animals DON'T HAVE self-esteem issues. They have "I want breakfast" issues. They have "I want to play fetch now" issues. They even have "I get bored hanging out by myself all day so how 'bout you skip work today" issues. But self-esteem issues? NOPE. That is anthropomorphism to the Nth degree.

I mean, come on. How many dogs with no testicles go around sniffing a pretty lady's vajayjay anywho?! And then mount her and give her a god's honest try?! DOES THAT SOUND LIKE A "YO' DADDY TOOK MA BALLS" SELF-ESTEEM ISSUE TO YOU?

Excalibur said...

Okay, T1, yes there really is such a thing. What's funny is both you and Elizabeth commented on this post, which makes the most sense as you both have owned dogs, and lost them all the same.

I didn't go to far as I don't have a pet. I agree with both of your comments.

Elizabeth your post almost maid me pee my pants!