Monday, August 28, 2006

Pieces of my Soul

Reflections on the perfect weekend:
It all began with a trip to Shea to see the Mets with members of the wedding party, a meet and greet (or an opportunity to reacquaint with friends that one hasn't seen in some time). Despite the rain there was so much energy: 2 greasy hot dog, a miller lite, a lit Mets pin, and a girl full of forgiveness for transgressions that we shall not speak about, let the past live in the past I say. What a fun group I thought, almost prophetic for the day to come.

Too much to get into one post. So I'm inclined to summarize: gold sparkled shoes, on beat dancing, an artistic dress for the ages, one slice with a high heel, food to die for, live music, garden wedding, after party, sleep.

And on Sunday: Hibachi, the Illusionist, a little loving, the best drinks ever, more loving, and a kiss goodbye and a promise to outdo this weekend at the US Open in two weeks.


Al said...

This makes me smile.

Elizabeth said...

It makes me smile too. Especially
"almost prophetic for the day to come." So nice!